Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Step Twenty Six: Vision...

Dear Fi,

There were many times in my life I wanted create something from... nothing ha, ha. Creating a three-dimensional piece is challenging but I learned today that it gives me a true sense of creation. I think I would be happy to work with wood, stones, wires, wool, paper, and found objects. I imagine myself in my studio surrounded by strange things hanging up from a wooden ceiling, maybe in an old shed or garage, somewhere close or attached to my house. 

I can sense the feeling of excitement and freedom. I can sense the smell of earth, wood and metal, I can feel my hands working, touching, adjusting... (while my protective gloves lie somewhere on the dirty floor... he, he).

And now back to reality ;)

Today I finally started working on my vision, the one I mentioned a few times lately. Isn't it amazing that you were working with the vision board today too? BTW, I want to know everything about creating the vision board and about what manifested so fast for you!

My vision came to me when I found that piece of wood in our backyard (my husband is building the stairs! one more year and we may even enjoy having grass ha, ha). I saw this piece and I was immediately drawn to it. I was looking at this “useless waste” and all I saw was the Earth, the one we hurt so much. Earth with a wound. While touching this wound I could see what I could do with this piece of wood. Other times I would probably have said to myself, “Yeah, it could work, but who has the time to try and play with this?” But the vision was so clear and I already had everything I needed. Except for time ha, ha. So, finally today I made the time for this work.   

The three sticks I painted in gold today where from my hydrangea which wilted some time ago, and didn’t need them anymore. I added three flags with the words: Great Thanks, Great Peace, and Great Love. These words are from a meditation I learned about a year ago from an amazing man named Sequoyah Trueblood on my Wilderness Retreat. It took me almost one year to start practicing this simple but powerful meditation. I’m learning the value of simple things and believe me Dear Fi it is not coming easy to me. What I have learned about myself through this time is that I like complicated and complex things, and that I have a tendency to complicate things in my life.

But I digress. The point is that I haven’t finished this piece yet, there is more to add. At least this is what I imagined when I took this piece of wood into my hands. However, I stopped for today not only because I don’t have more time to spend on this today, but also because I see the beauty in this simple construction. I would like to stay with this form and see if I want to continue with my previous idea. 

I like how the sage incense fits into this piece. It gives a sense of completion. Like if the missing element to keep the Earth alive was that few minutes I’m taking everyday to burn the scent and meditate, and to heal Her wounds and mine too...

Love :*



I think that Sequoyah wouldn't mind sharing this:

Breathe In: Great Thanks...
Breathe Out: Great Thanks...

Breathe In: Great Peace...
Breathe Out: Great Peace...

Breathe In: Great Love...
Breathe Out: Great Love...

As you can see I got crazy about my new (old) curtains ha, ha. Pictures of them are here and there and everywhere in today's post ;)


  1. Where did you get those curtains. They are gorgeous and the perfect backdrop for the wood piece. I don't think you should add anything to it.

  2. I couldn't imagine what you would add to this! It seems perfect, as is! What a lovely post and beautiful creation?! I like the simplicity of great thanks, peace and love. I'm curious to find out more about Sequoyah and look forward to listening to the recording. Love the idea of a studio close to your house where you can work... why not?! Sounds like a great reality to me!

    I had to giggle, because your beautiful sculpture reminded me of the phototgraphy that showcases Herriott Grace's GORGEOUS wooden products (those cake stands are stunning!)

    In my mind, your sculpture is perfect as it stands... but I wouldn't mind if you added a cake underneath it, so I could appreciate it even more! ;-)