Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Step Twenty Three: 30 second drawing {it is all the RedBull fault! Seriously...}

Dear Fi,

I know... lame. But all I have for today is a 30 second drawing, which I scanned and attempted to make it “say something” by using Picnik. Ha, ha. Not even Photoshop...

At least the words I chose totally resonate with me :)

I blame the RedBull I drank yesterday. Yes it was helpful and I was able to finish my paper and felt light and free until 2AM ;) I even felt that way in my dream. Oh! I had such a beautiful dream!!! Looks like all that time spent on commenting in our pool yesterday payed off ha, ha. However, the one thing about me and the RedBull is the fact that the next day is really unpleasant. I don’t know maybe it is just me, but I felt drained all day today. So, I decided to take it slow but then unexpectedly things started happen... and things got complicated... and I needed to take care of totally unplanned things... and this of course stole my time for posting...

So, first I panicked but then I did this drawing, and contemplated if I wanted to paint it or not. I knew that if I chose to paint it might take me forever. I was sure that I would add some gluing and sewing and who knows what else. It was tempting, but then I decided to be honest with myself. I didn’t have time to work more on this today. I decided to play with the leaf in Picnik for a few minutes and then stop.

Leaving that poor leaf “as it is” completely hurt my ego...

ego: a stupid leaf??? C’mon! You can do better.
me: yes I know I can do better, but not now.
ego: you’re kidding, yes?
me: nope!
ego: you cannot be serious, that is so “not you”!
me: ouch! that hurts... (he, he)
ego: the most unimpressive post ever.
me: unfortunately you’re right.
ego: you will regret it!!!
me: who knows, I might...

My Dear Fi... The good thing is, that at least I didn’t miss the post ;)

Love :*


I’m leaving in two days. I decided to post something from Osoyoos, BC next Tuesday, but I have no idea how it will go and if I will be able to do this. I don’t want to pre-post something for next week, but it might end with no posting at all. However, I will prepare something, and if I won’t be able to find an internet connection, I will post it next next Tuesday (after I came back).
I still want to do the “thing” I have planned for last time, but it will take me muuuuuch more than 30 seconds, so I couldn’t do this today, and I won’t take it with me. So it must wait for the right moment ;)


  1. ha ha ha ha! I KNOW what you mean about Red Bull! I don't drink it anymore, coz It just robs me of time! Sure, on the day drink it, I feel invincible... but then, the next day?! Ooh no! :-) I could lose a whole day to lethargy!

    I'm so pleased to see the words you chose - sounds like you are in a wonderful mood and ready for your holiday! I know you're going to hate me for saying it :-) but I really like your first picture of the leaf! I love the simplicity and strength of it. It's very appropriate for me at the moment, as you know where I am with changing to a simpler, healthier existence... so, I LIKE it! There, I said it! You're not allowed to call it a 'stupid leaf'! ha ha! :-)

    I was wondering how you were going to manage posting whilst away! :-) I was thinking about this yesterday - wondering if it was too much to expect us to post every single week on time. We both need holidays, occasionally! So, if you don't post. don't worry, see you back here next week with two posts - yipee! Double Christmas for me! :-)

    Will drop you an email later, but happy holidays (I'm so jealous! ha ha!) :-) Take me with yooooou! ;-)

    Lots of love

  2. I have never tasted Red Bull for that very reason - fear of the crash the next day!! Have a great vacation Syl!!

    PS Love the leaf - simple is good!