Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Step Twenty Four: Paper cutting dreams

Dearest (imaginary friend) Sylwi!


Anybody ho-ooommmme?! ha ha! It's a bit weird, knowing that you're not going to be here today! The blog feels a bit empty! {sob}

I miss you. :-(

How is your holiday going? (Just on the crazy off chance that you have a tent with internet access!) :-))))

So... today turned out a bit different than expected. 

About a year ago, I was inspired by a very cute post on the 'elephant with a pen' blog, run by the lovely artista, Barbara!

She drew a picture of how she felt, to illustrate that she had many fresh, exciting ideas buzzing around her head. She called the ideas butterflies. I loved the image it created in my mind and knew exactly how she felt. 

Some days, I have so many diverse ideas flying around my head. If I don't write them down immediately, I forget them... some of them, I'll never remember again. They're just gone.

So, I bought myself a moleskine and began writing the ideas down. Since then, I've always had a project in the back of my mind -  a cover for the book, with a little girl and a net chasing butterflies and the words, "Catch your dreams while you can!"

Today, I was going to try printing or painting the image, but somehow,  when I reached out for the paint box, I picked up my knife instead! ;-) I began cutting the image, using the knife to draw the outlines of the girl. 

At first, I was surprised that the technique was working - it was just like drawing, but with a knife instead of a pen... but then, I began to realise, it was almost like creating a stencil... and I didn't really enjoy it that much. It was brilliant fun to experiment, but I think this is a technique that I won't spend much time with. 

I also experimented with cutting some shapes and bending them outwards (like the ribbons on the girl's dress and the butterflies), to give a bit of movement. 

I didn't like the bow so much, but the butterflies turned out ok - although they're so tiny, they're pretty fiddly.

I had meant to keep today simple, just leaving it as a girl and butterflies, but I got a bit carried away with adding a border! :-) I'm not sure it all goes together very well, but it was a lot of fun experimenting...

As I hadn't planned it before I began (AGAIN!!! When will I learn?!) :-)))) ... the text got a bit squished in and looks a bit odd, but whatever! At least I spelled it right! ha ha! (Don't laugh, spelling backwards is hard!) 

It's no use as a book cover - cut paper is too fragile for that; catching on everything and trapping dust... especially all of those teeny butterfly wings!

Maybe next week, I'll finally follow the original plan and get round to some printing! :-)

See you soooon - hope you're having a fantastic time.
Lots and lots of love


  1. hello butterfly girl!!!

  2. Those little butterflies are amazing!!

  3. Knife is you destiny Fi ha, ha!!!

    I can see that you are totally hooked up ;) the progress you are doing is amazing, not only experimenting, but mastering the technique and finally playing with your own designs. Yes, Babe - paper cutting is one of your super powers...