Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Step Twenty-Four: {Pseudo}Land art and Internet connection failure...

Dear Fi,

I am waving at you from super hot and sunny Osoyoos (I finally got the spelling right!). This is actually all I wanted to write today ha, ha. No, this is not true; I would love to write about so many things that I don’t even know where to start. Actually, I don’t want to write about these things, I would love to talk with you, see your face, and hear your immediate feedback. Besides it’s really hot. And when it’s hot I feel weak and lazy ha, ha.

I wish I didn’t have to do anything just lie down and breathe. But this Dear Fi is not possible while camping with children. I won’t write much today, especially because I’m using my husband’s laptop (without a mouse) and it’s taking me forever to navigate here. I have no idea how I will put this post together. I hope it won’t take me the whole night ;)

I decided to go “easy” today or at least this is what I thought. I wanted to try a land art. You know that I’m in love with everything that this man is doing (I mentioned him in my 365). So I saw a perfect opportunity to try something new today, I am close to nature, the place is beautiful, and I didn’t take any paints or brushes with me…

It turned out that what I did today was an amateur attempt to create something with six leaves ha, ha, not to do any interesting land art. First, it was really hard to find leaves, so I stole a few from the beautifully groomed campground. Then, it took me some time to figure out the surface to put the leaves on and to take the pictures. Finally, when I was ready the leaves started to whither. Lesson number one – don’t use delicate leaves for your land art, unless you are working at light speed and if you don’t care to document the process or record the end effect. Lesson number two; ask yourself if what you are planning to do is really worth wasting the leaves. I don’t want to say that I had a traumatic experience with those six poor leaves but that it didn’t make me feel great looking at the silly pictures and afterwards at the dead leaves.

So, I decided to try working with stones, and some rare findings my mom brought form her recent trip to Tofino (she left Calgary one week before us with my husband’s mom and we met in Osoyoos last Friday). I wasn’t happy with this either – I wish I could have found something else for the background, instead of that old dish rag ha, ha.

So, my last attempt included yummy cherries, they were already dead, or awaiting death by eating, so at least they had some fun before they disappeared in our mouths.


I miss you too! How weird is that?

A lot of things already happened on this trip…, from powerful dreams in the middle of the “Meadows in the Sky” parkway in Revelstoke, through meeting bears, eagles, snakes and lots of never seen before birds, reading Danielle LaPorte “FFS”, to contemplating if moving to Osoyoos buying a fruit stand and leading a low key life might be my true calling…

I am asking myself what I really want to do, what really brings me joy, what make me feel alive, when I feel blissful and whole… And I don’t know if it’s the years of my own and social conditioning, or my fear or just not knowing myself – but I cannot find the answers…

Dear Fi! We came back yesterday. This post was written last Tuesday in Osoyoos, but due to the problem with internet connection I couldn't post it :(
See you tomorrow :)

Picture below - taken especially for you :*

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  1. Wheeeeeee! You're back! :-) I was getting a bit confused at first as I read your post. I was thinking, "what are you doing THERRRRRRE!!! You're supposed to be home by now!" :-) I thought maybe you'd decided not to come back! :-) Judging by these pictures, I would understand if you didn't. In fact, I'd be packing my bags right now and making plans to join you! WHAT A STUNNING PLACE?! Looks like you had a superb time and I'm so happy for you. You beat me to it with the land art! I fully intend to try some this year too. I love yours! My favourite has to be those cherries! :-) Anyway, I'd better go and get on with my post, it's getting late! Speak soooooooooooooooooon! Glad you're home. It was terribly quiet without you! :-) Kisses. xx