Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Step Twenty Five: Further Voyages in Paper Cutting! :-)

Dearest Sylwi,

Welcome home! :-) I didn't know whether to expect you today, or not, but yipee! You're back! Looking forward to hearing allllll about your holiday!

Today didn't really go as planned. I had set aside lots of time, but a friend is having a crisis and needed to talk for a couple of hours... and well, I couldn't really say, "actually, can this wait till tomorrow?! I have some creating to do!" ha ha! ;-) 

So, I've done as much as I could, but I'm going to stop for today. I'm going cross-eyed and my cutting finger is numb, on top of which, I'm starting to make mistakes! I was about to start cutting the text and realised just in time, that I was about to cut it out back to front. Close call! I would have been extremely annoyed if I'd messed up, so far into this! :-)

I think I'm beginning to gear up towards a bigger project involving paper cutting. I seem to love everything about it. I love the strong lines, the intricacy of it and also the shadows it casts - although, I've not done anything to make the most of the shadows yet... I'm still thinking about how to do that. However, I'd like to draw my own picture and cut it... maybe with some inspirational text to go with it.

Today, to practise, I copied a fantastic image of a ship, by Margaret Tulloch, from a great site I've found. Grandma's Graphics houses a collection of vintage graphics that are no longer copyrighted. There's a whole bunch of inspiration there, but I particularly loved this boat image. 

It goes well with a favourite quote of mine by William Shedd, "A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for".

Here's the rough layout sketch of what I was trying to achieve... 

... and here I am about three quarters of the way through - as far as I got today... I still have to add text and maybe a border. Although, I quite like it just as it is and may leave it! heh heh! :-)

I'd love to spend lots of time drawing up a sketch like this - with intricate details.. and then cut it. At the moment, I tend to rush the initial idea, in order to get onto the cutting, to get it done in time to post! :-)

I'm not complaining though. If it wasn't for this blog, all of these ideas would still be boxed up in my head... so, I'm so happy to be here and actually doing things... even if they are a bit rushed! :-)))

Lots and lots of love

--- Update ---

It's now Wednesday, but I couldn't resist sneaking in a finished shot! ;-) It still needs a bit of a tidy up and I've discovered that text isn't that easy to cut - especially the letter S! ha ha!

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  1. I have no idea how you are doing this... This one is jaw-dropping, I can see you sailing very far with your skills my Dear, and I'm so curious about your next adventure.



    Task for the next time - find a way to protect your fingers. There must be some kind of finger cup or armor (ha, ha) or some specific way to avoid numbness. If not - discover one he, he ;)