Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Step Twenty Five: On keeping promises and being late...

Dear Fi,

It’s Wednesday and 9:25 already. Yesterday was a super crazy day, and nothing went according to plan. First of all on Monday evening my mom found out that instead of flying home tomorrow (as she kept telling us and the family in Poland for the last three months) her ticket said that her flight was today. Theoretically one day doesn’t make a big difference but with a plane ticket it does!!!

So, yesterday morning we attended my son’s last day of Kindergarten, where we watched the program his class prepared for us, parents; and then a surprisingly good magic show. The tricks were impressive as was the message the magician sent to the children, “be open and use your imagination” and “dream big and believe that your dreams will come true”. So even though I hadn’t expected to spend more than 2 hours in kindergarten class and even though our schedule for the day was really tight I actually enjoyed the show, and went home uplifted. 

My mom took us for a final Starbucks’ coffee, and it was kind of surreal that we were able to sit there and relax as we’d almost forgot that there were “to-do” and shopping lists as long as from here to Poland to complete before the flight.

From there we went running in circles from one store to another trying to find last minute presents my mom wanted to buy, doing the laundry, dinner, and a break for my son’s last day of piano class. This was supposed to be extra time for me and my mom. However, since my husband forgot to take the music books to the class {because he had his hands full of other stuff like the bouquet I put together with the flowers I was able to buy at the last minute, or the card with the words of appreciation I wanted to write for the teacher because she is amazing and we are very lucky that we found her, or the other card shaped like a heart handmade by my son which I helped him to assemble, or the small gift somebody (he, he) nicely wrapped... – end of the longest digression ever} I jumped in the car as soon as I found out the book bag and drove to the teacher’s house, passing by my husband returning home for the books he forgot.

Then I waited with a totally confused teacher for my husband and my son to arrive 20 minutes later for a 30 minute piano lesson. I wish I had the time and the skills to describe her face’s expression when she saw me jumping out of the car with the books shouting, “I brought the books!” when my son wasn’t even there yet. It took me a good 5 minutes to explain to her what happened, and when my husband finally arrived and we went inside saying our thank you her black cat took advantage and ran out through the front door. So, we spent another 5 minutes chasing the cat, fortunately with success, and then I came back home.

The plan was to finish our shopping after the piano lesson which by the time I got home was supposed to be over. However, because of this entire circus the lesson even didn’t start so they came back one hour late. Finally (I should say miraculously) we ended up in the car heading to the shopping mall. About four minutes away from home my husband called to inform me that his aunt came to say goodbye to my mom and if we can come back right away. This is what we did, and believe me dear Fi for the entire time we “went with the flow” and I was so amazed that we weren’t caught in the rush/panic mode {maybe because of the magic show ha, ha!}. The only thing I kept in the back of my mind was this thought, “It is a post day and I need to do something, but I won’t think about this until later”.

So, after 8 PM we finally went shopping for the last few items from our list. Then I drove to the opposite end of Calgary to pick up my mom’s clothes from my husband’s parents empty house. My mom gave these clothes to Seb’s mom after the trip to Tofino and they were supposed to be brought by Seb’s father today (he was flying back from Poland yesterday, and Seb’s mom was away in another city – and everybody thought my mom would still be here today).

After all of this, we came back home before 11 PM. I started to paint. At 1:20 AM I scanned my artwork and decided to write to you and to tell you that instead of posting I’m going to bed. At the same time on another continent you Dear Fi woke up and sent me a “welcome home” e-mail... synchronicity ;)

I don’t even know if this post has any sense, but I am so tired after waking up early, and spending three hours at the airport, driving back home, trying to unpack our stuff (yes our baggage is still unpacked), and overall surviving the last couple of days that I won’t care if it sounds like a drunken fool rambling, especially because I feel like one right now ha, ha.

And if you are wondering about the “keeping promises” part dear Fi... When my mom was coming here I promised my godmother that I will paint something for her (she insisted on another painting for her room ha, ha). I had three months to do this and many occasions to fulfill my promise... Instead... I did it at the last minute again...

Nevertheless, the promise has been kept ;)




  1. hee hee! What a whirlwind of a day?! :-) I'm so glad you managed to just go with the flow and not let the last day with your Mum descend into panic and arguments, as is all to easy to do! ;-)

    I was giggling about the piano teacher story and your Mum having no clothes! :-) Thankfully, it all turned out ok in the end! As for that magician - WOW! I'd love to have seen that show. It really touches my heart, whenever I hear of adults who work with kids (of any age) and use their precious time to send messages like that! Just wow!

    As you can see, I'm commenting very late on your post. I actually came to the blog to look at something else... and then realised that I'd MISSED this post of yours. :-) I quite forgot that your post last Tuesday, was a catch up one from the week before! :-)

    Is this the picture you did for your Godmother? Is she based in Poland? There's nothing quite like the last minute before a deadline to get the creative juices flowing! ;-) This pic reminds me of Spring here. The flowers on the fruit trees emerge and everything is so peaceful and beautiful. Then, one day, the winds will pick up and whip the blossom off the trees. The tiny petals rain down like confetti. It's bittersweet for me. I'm sad to see the blossom end, but happy that the wheel of the seasons is turning.

    Anyway, happy you're home and that your holiday was a success! Hope your Mum got home safely.

    See you tomorrow, ukochana!
    Buziaki :-)

  2. Have you always used that little S in a bubble :-) to mark your work? I really, really like it! xx