Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Step Twenty Six: Vision Boards and The Magic of Creativity

Dearest Sylwi

It's so lovely to have you back and I'm quite lucky that you're back at all, it seems, having seen your pictures from the holiday! ha ha! ;-) 

I've only ever seen a wild bear in a book, not somewhere that I could stop and take a picture with my own camera (I don't care if you were in the car, or not, that is a bit too crazy close for me?!) :-)

This week, I've been busy with a new e-course! I know, I know! I said I had banned myself from taking any more e-courses, but this one was too good to miss! 

It's a course on raw food, run by the gorgeous and talented Karen Knowler, who is also known as The Raw Food Coach!

It's been a fascinating and challenging first week! Not for any of the reasons I thought it would be though! :-)

This week, encouraged by a fantastic set of worksheets, prompts and guidance from Karen, I've come up with my first attempt at a vision board for myself in relation to raw food. I've never created a vision board before, but always been curious about them. I've heard so many people rave about how it helps to set your intentions and then flow with the manifestation of those dreams... but somehow, I never allowed myself the luxury of sitting down to create one. It felt as if it would be wrong to spend time on something so creative and fun, when surely setting goals should be a more serious business?! :-)

Anyway, I forced myself and eventually, after quietening the voices of doubt in my mind, it was a lot of fun...

It feels so odd to have finally created one! I've run the whole gamut of emotions, from embarrassment and self-ridicule through to hope and belief! If I told you that within hours of me creating this board, one of the more difficult areas for me that I included on the board began to come true, would you believe me? I wouldn't! But it did! :-)))) (I'm not joking - I'm sort of astounded!)

I'd love to live in the sort of household where it would be cool to post this board on a wall, or as my computer desktop image. I don't really feel that comfortable with doing that (although, I feel fine about posting it to blogger and the world to see, for some reason! ha ha!) So, I decided to make my board portable and a bit more private. First, I printed it off. Then, I created an origami style folder for it. It's so simple, but I'm really pleased with the result.

First, I cut my paper into a square...

Then, folded it in half. With the same side facing up, I folded it in half the other way, so the lines divide the paper into quarters...

I opened the paper out flat and turned it over. Then, folded it diagonally in half...

If you're doing this for yourself, when you look at your paper, your quarter lines will be valley folds - the folds look like troughs. The diagonal line will be a mountain fold - this fold looks like a... er... mountain! ;-)

I glued on my vision board...

You should then be able to close the paper up, like below...

... into a neat quarter, which you can tie with string or slip into your wallet, as is.

It was great to stretch my legs creatively this week with this challenge. I ADORE paper-cutting as I'm sure you now know... ;-) but last week, I found that my index finger (where I apply most pressure when cutting) was numb after all of the work I did. I'm only just beginning to get feeling back in the tip today, a week later! Eek! :-) So, it was also nice to take a break from cutting for a week. I wonder if I need to change my cutting technique? I don't want to kill off all of the nerve endings in my finger! 

Looking forward to seeing your post today. Soooo lovely to have you home. I missed that beautiful burst of colour and soul that you bring to my life.

Lots and lots of love


  1. My Dear Fi, vision board is something I'm trying to create for the past three years ha, ha. I came to understand the obstacle on my way and the time is not one of them, there is a need of perfection, there is actually problem with choosing "the vision", and there is a fear of what can come out of this, is this really what I want etc.

    Today morning I actually read my goals and affirmation list I set up in 2007 and even though the piece of paper is pinned to a board - it is also hidden behind the door, so i don't see it, or rather don't read it often (no pictures, only words). Actually it was probably the first time I've read it since the day of creating it!!! But I was very surprised how far I have came since 2007.

    Anyway, I'm glad that you've shared this with me. I checked the site but when I saw the price I almost died ha, ha. I will wait until you finish and than see what you say. I'm really glad that you are sticking to the healthy way of living, I'm far behind you with that... However, I finally started to do some things to change this. We need to chat about this later!

    Any tips for the process of creating vision board, or just this one: "don't think to much just start to do it" ha, ha

    Love :*

  2. Fi, when you mentioned on my blog the other day that you were doing this course, I cheered out loud. It feels good to have such a great cheerleader and going through a similar experience. I wish I could sit with you in person and talk about our learnings. I'm so proud of you for all the hard work you've been accomplishing lately. So good! You're doing so great! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your vision board.

    Sylvia, Christine Kane has a free vision board blog post that is free. It is a great guide. If you haven't seen it you might get something out of it. Or maybe Fi would be willing to share some of the tips from Karen. :)

    Love to you both!