Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Step Thirty: Five hats and other news...

Dear Fi,

First of all I will start by saying that I’ve made an update to my last post and added the finished piece of poppies for my mom at the end of that post. This was the longest it has taken me to complete a piece, of course lack of time was the biggest issue. The good news is that I finished it on Saturday and was able to give it to my family early morning on Sunday before they left, so hopefully my mom will receive her present soon!

Second, I was very mad at myself today because I decided to use and expand on something I accidentally made earlier. The only problem was that it got lost! It took me a lot of time before I gave up searching and decided to recreate the piece from my memory. The funniest part is that it wasn’t something amazing, or even beautiful, but it was something that inspired me to create today’s post, so naturally I wanted to have it ;)

It was a hat, created accidentally while working on the cloud for my grandmother altered photo. I made a shape, which reminded me of a hat. I even tried to attach it to my grandma’s head, but I wasn’t convinced, so I decided against it. However, this is how I got the idea of creating a series of different hats arranged together.

So this is what I’ve tried to do today. The possibilities are endless, but I didn’t want to spend much time on this project. The last week was kind of crazy even though it was really lovely to have my family over. So, right now I’m trying to catch up with my studies and everything else (however, it didn’t stop me from thinking about doing a 52 Hats Project ha, ha).

As I was looking at these cute hats I realised that they remind me of Andy Warhol’s work. Don’t laugh at me Dear Fi - I’m not comparing myself to his genius!!! I just connected the dots in my head. Many years ago, in Poland I was lucky to see Warhol’s retrospective exhibition. I remember exactly the moment I encountered his watercolours and drawings of shoes because I immediately fell in love with them. Of course he is most known for his pop art paintings of Marilyn Monroe and the ideology of consumerism behind his famous Campbell’s Soup Cans but for me the shoes (and the cats!) were the most sincere part of his work and the highlight of the entire exhibition. So, as I’ve said earlier I’m not comparing my hats to his shoes, I just thought that the idea of creating many one-of-a-kind of “something” is similar ;) 

I’ve decided to start a blog.
No, I’m not crazy! Starting a blog was on my 2010 list ;)
I’m not happy with the design especially because I had something completely different in my mind. However, since I decided to join Susannah for her August Break, there was no time to design my banner from scratch, so I used what I already had. For now ;)

+ I hope to return to yoga pretty soon!

The illustration I made for Patti got into her book again and it will be published in November 2010 :) Yay!!!


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  1. hee hee! So cute! I'd like to order the tree one, please. It reminds me of a Philip Treacy creation. In fact, it's given me a wonderful idea for a hat! :-)

    I can't believe your comment about Andy Warhol. I don't know if I saw the same exhibition as you, but I was in Brussels in '99 and went to see a huge collection of his work. I was wowed by his shoes too. Sure, I liked all the more famous work he created, but for me, the shoes stole the show! (I don't remember the cats!) ... I also really liked the labels for the paintings of shoes... you know how beside each work, there's a name and a description. I can't remember why I loved them, but remember wishing I had my camera to take a pic of them. I rarely keep a postcard from an exhibition, but I still have that exhibition's postcard in a frame on my wall because it inspired me so much.

    Congrats on your work making another Patti book. How wonderful?! Yipee! I'm so happy for you. :-)

    Will check your blog soon, but no more internet for me now... I have flu since I got back, so am off to bed again.

    Speak soooooon, treacle. Love you lots. Fi xx