Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Step Twenty Nine: Work in progress...

Dear Fi,

I wasn’t able to finish my project today. I’m terribly sick + my family from Poland is here, not to mention that I still have my class running...

My family is here for only a week, so I’m trying my best to accommodate as much as I can to entertain them.

I also tried my best to do anything at all for our blog today. However, the first chance I had to even think about the idea for today’s post came after 8 PM. It took me a while to choose the “right” background and to figure out what kind of flowers I want to add to it. Finally, I decided on poppies because I took a few pictures of them yesterday in Banff and Lake Louise where we were visiting with my family.

I need to finish this project before my family leaves, because this supposed to be a present for my mom. She just had her birthday and I thought that it would be much easier to give something to my family to take with them instead of sending it by post, which usually takes a really long time, not to mention that it sometimes gets lost, or is kept at the border for additional month. This happened to me the last time I sent my mom a birthday present. Not only did they open my package, but it got to my mom after two months and she also needed to pay for it!

Anyway, I’m not sure if you can see on this scan, but I used a new technique today. I glued paper tissue on the poppies to make them look more like poppies ha, ha. And then I painted them over again. Using layers slowed down my progress, since it was very difficult to sew through all these layers. To apply these two poppies took me about two hours, and now I need to wrap it up, because here in the room where I’m working my cousin’s son will be sleeping soon...

So, my Dear Fi, see you next Tuesday and I hope I will have more time for you and our “steps”... I wish I will!!! Isn’t it funny, that we both have visitors and that we both were working on something for our mothers?

Love :*


It sounded better to title my post “work in progress” than “unfinished business” ha, ha, but I cannot believe that I’m stretching one project into three posts!!!

My husband is laughing at me that every week I have a new excuse why I'm so busy...


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  1. Ohh! Get well soon, sweetpea! I can only imagine all of the things you needed to get done yesterday. I started my post really late too and was getting quite stressed... and I wasn't even sick! Poor you! Hope you feel much better today! Great job getting the painting finished! Your Mum will love it. It's so sweet to rush and send it back with your family. I can't believe your Mum had to pay customs on the last one. That's just mean of them! :-) Those photos of poppies are beautiful. Normally, my favourite would be the coloured ones, but for some reason, your last pic is really speaking to me. It looks a bit crumpled and vulnerable... like it's just unfurled its petals, but it's still ABsolutely stunning! Can't beat natural beauty. Such a delicate colour. Beautifully photographed. Got to dash off again. Wish we could just sit and chat over a cuppa... Speak soon, darling. Take care. Lots of love, Fi xx