Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Step Thirty Five: More recycled envelope adventures!

Dearest Sylwi,

Today's project was inspired by a couple of things; the journal I made using security envelopes for Step Three (probably my favourite step, so far!) and this paper party hat that I made last year, for my dog's 3rd birthday! *<:-)

The hat has been sitting on my desk for almost a year and I can't bring myself to throw it out. I think it's way too cute for the bin ...(man!) heh heh! 

...on a side note - I did, however, finally throw out the top hat I made for last year's Secret Santa draw!

I've been clinging onto it, desperately trying to think of another use for it. There was none. Other than as a dust collector. So, it went in the bin yesterday :-( Here's hoping I don't suddenly need a top hat for any reason in the next few months (ha ha! as if?!), or it will be back to the drawing (painting, cutting and gluing) board again! ;-) 

Curious to try some more envelope projects, I've been hoarding a stack of those wonderful, security envelopes in my recycled paper pile again!

I know pennant banners are "sooooo last year" :-) but I never actually got around to making any and decided that those little security patterns would be perfect for flags. I also tried one set of bunting with old newspaper.

They look a lot larger in this picture below than they actually are. They're very dinky. I think these would be really cute wound round and round a wrapped gift...

Whilst I was gluing these pennant banners, I thought the idea would transfer well onto a gift tag. So, I went on to try that idea out.

It was a bit fiddly and took way more time than I thought :-) but I eventually worked out an easier way of sewing the individual pennants on - by temporarily securing them in place with masking tape...

Once sewn on, I then glued each little flag shut and ...ta-dah - a bunting gift tag!

I really liked how it turned out, but once it was finished, I started wondering if I'd seen this somewhere before?! Often when I'm free-stylin' with ideas, I start to panic that I'm just recreating something I've already seen on someone's blog... but, I'm not sure! I did a search for bunting gift tags made from old security envelopes, but couldn't find any online... 

Hopefully, I haven't subconsciously pinched someone elses' idea! :-/

I went one step further and added the little left over hearts to the tag...

... and now don't know if I over did it?! :-) Ah well! It was fun to play with! 

I'm on holiday for 2 weeks now, but I'm looking forward to getting back already (how sad?!) :-) to see what you've been up to in the blog house whilst I'm away! 

Have a fantastic weekend with the Flickr girls. Talk lots, hug lots, laugh lots and photo/video it ALL, of course! :-) I'll be thinking of you! 

Lots and lots of love

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  1. Of course you will need that hat you just throw away!!! Can you still pick it up ha, ha. The next Secret Santa draw is just around the corner!

    I love your cute adventures I didn't start mine project yet, so now I'm thinking about stealing your idea and make these little banners too (I've also wanted to make them and they were on my list ha, ha).

    So you are leaving me... buhuu. That is OK, take your time relax and enjoy but don't forget to come back ha, ha. Did you decided where you are going?

    I'm sure it will be weird to stay here alone, but I'm behind - so hopefully I will survive and catch up.

    Have fun!!!
    Love :*