Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Step Three: Lost and Found

Good morning, dearest Sylwi!

Tuesday already! Can you believe it?! :-)

This week is all about recycled paper! I receive so many envelopes in the post that have beautiful colours and patterns on the inside. It seems such a shame to just recycle them - this week I wanted to do something to honour them! :-)

I thought that creating a hardback journal would be a challenging, but fun way to use them up. Plus, I love journals and could spend a fortune on them, so I was interested to see how hard it is to create one and how much money I can save myself! :-)

I found great tutorials for making journals on YouTube, put together by a lovely lady called Baronessnz. There are 5 videos which guide you through the process, from start to end. You can find the first one and links to the others here! (you will find videos 1-4 and one that I almost missed, called video 2b!)

I used 32 envelopes that I've been saving especially for the pages and then, I had a good rummage through my box of scrap paper, looking for a suitable cover.

I decided on some lovely wallpaper samples that I've had kicking around for a few years. These are samples from Louise Body's wallpaper collection. I came across her by chance on the internet about 3 years ago and fell in love with her hand printed and painted cushions with vintage fabric on the back.

For the cover, I really wanted to use the naked lady swinging from the chandelier, but I made a mistake with the paper sizes, so I ended up using the charcoal lace print instead. Not quite as quirky, but just as lovely! :-)))

Last week, when I was painting, I found that I was generally frustrated and my desk was a complete mess, from start to finish. This week, I really enjoyed having a tidy desk throughout the project and when things went wrong, it didn't seem to matter to me at all! In fact, the imperfections, like slightly ripped edges and little crumples, added to the end result. Here's how the envelopes looked as pages all together (I also used some brown parcel paper, saved over from Christmas)...

When I began this adventure with you, one of the things I was hoping for was that I might find my 'signature' style... or at very least, a certain crafting direction that I was interested in focussing on. I know it's still very early days, but today, I realised that I have a real love of paper. Maybe this is the direction I should head in? :-) There's something extremely satisfying about folding, cutting, gluing and shaping paper. More than that, though, I really love old paper. Paper that has had a previous life and is now looking for a new purpose. The different textures and thicknesses. The myriad patterns and colours. It is so satisfying to create something pretty (or useful) out of a pile of paper that was destined for the bin!

I am really happy with how it turned out! At just under 12cm x 17cm, it is the perfect size for a handbag... or for sticking in polaroid pics, with room to write under and beside them (the coloured pages make gorgeous frames for the photos!)

The best bit of all, is that it is totally guilt free! All of the paper and card that I used was recycled and I didn't spend a penny! ;-)




  1. Fi, my sentiments exactly in regards to "Tuesday already" (I hope you’ve seen “Mamma Mia” - in regards to "my sentiments exactly" ha, ha)

    I just read your post and it is... SUPER!!!!

    So, you are already done! and I don't even know what to do for today, I have a few different ideas but I'm still not sure which one to choose.

    I LOVE the journal you've made, it is the coolest journal I have ever seen! I don't think I have the same love for folding and gluing paper as you do but I definitely love paper and your journal.

    I’m glad that you are discovering the excitement of working with paper. Also, I really appreciate and admire your teaching approach to this project - I just realized how different we are in this...

    P.S. I totally adore the naked lady swinging from the chandelier!!! did you include her anyway? If you did, you better send this journal over to me ;) ha, ha!



  2. ah! and something else:




  3. are you kidding me? this journal is out of this world F A N T A S T I C! i can't get over how creative this is. those are the insides of envelopes? my recycling bin doesn't look like that for sure! blah americans. ;)

    louise body? gahhhhhhh. i want to order all of the samples. hmmm. wonder if she's got samples in the US. crazy goodness.

  4. you made a journal? freakin cool! I'm inspired just by reading this blog created by you amazingly, talented ladies!

  5. Oh My Crafty Goodness! (or Goddess!)

    That notebook is amazing, me want! Now I know who I will send my recycling bin to...or maybe get my ass in gear and do it myself.
    I love paper, I collect paper, I buy paper but I never do anything with it.
    Feeling inspiration coming my way!
    Thank you Fi!