Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Step Two: Something fresh...

Dear Fi,

I didn’t have any problems with starting my project today. Against my predictions I was quite relaxed and excited. I would say that the first post must have empowered me he, he. But no - my Dear - it is not why I did two pieces! The second piece is the effect of the crisis I had in the middle of the process.

The crisis? Instead of making a few sketches of different ideas floating in my head I started a spontaneous drawing. It shouldn’t surprise me, that soon I found myself in a trap of horror vacui, and you must know Dear Fi, that it was a very unpleasant discovery, and only the beginning of my troubles.

Even before I started this piece I knew that I wanted to use strong colours (as in my inspiration). However, after adding the second part to increase the empty space my mood switched to a totally different set of colours and I couldn’t decide what to do. I took a break. I went to dance class with my daughter, ate dinner and put my children to bed. Then I looked at my project and chose to stretch my comfort zone again. I decided to mix different moods/colours together and see what happens.

It is too bad that you cannot actually see the “true” colours, they changed slightly in the scanning process, especially the gold. Also, it is hard to see the details, but at least this is not a problem - just click on the picture and it will zoom in.

My Dear Fi, I have nothing more to say. Maybe except... that I wish I could write something more interesting and more coherent today, but I spent too much time on uploading these images properly to a blogger (I’m not sure if this is me, or the blogger is not the most user friendly). It’s late, and I’m tired, but at least I feel great. I feel great because it’s Tuesday and I did my part ;)

You know... I think that posting once a week is a good way to strengthen my self-efficacy ha, ha ;)



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  1. There's something extraordinary about your work, Miss Sylwi! :-) Viewing these large is fantastic - the colours are so vibrant! I love that you pushed your comfort zone with the different colours. At first, I didn't understand what you meant because the 2 canvases go soooo well together... and then I understood what you'd written... but I think the colour shift just adds to the interest. It really, really works for me!

    It's such an exciting moment to visit the blog and see what your post is! It's like opening a present! :-) And I'd never heard of horror vacui before (but experienced it often! ha!)

    What materials did you use - do you draw on plain paper? Are these colours paint.. or chalk or something else?! Be warned, I'm going to grill you every week on how you create such amazing pictures! hee hee! :-)

    Lots of love