Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Step Thirty Two: Tiny Cabinet

Dear Fi,

I took a lot of pictures for today’s project, so now I will try to limit my words ha, ha.

Yesterday I started to panic because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to choose to do for my step. I realised that there are only! twenty more steps left and that I have much more ideas on my list. I did some sketches for my weekly and daily calendar, but the problem was that I didn’t feel like this is exactly what I want, so I decided to spend more time on clarifying my intentions and conceptualizing my project before starting it.

In the evening I started to felt anxious (over the unchosen choice he, he). So I decided it’s time to be quick and firm and I put on my table these few tiny cabinets. Then I called my children and said, “We will start to paint them today and finish tomorrow”. So, this is how I knew that now I cannot change my mind ;)

I bought these cute cabinets at Michaels more than two years ago. My plan was to collect about 30 of them and paint or decorate them in other way (e.g., decoupage), and then ask my husband to build a special shelf for displaying my collection. I thought they will look cute and interesting when put together. However, two years passed by and I haven’t even started.

So as you see Dear Fi it was time ha, ha ;)

The torture started yesterday after each of us chose the cabinet to paint. I couldn’t decide on colour, or pattern, or design, or paper to glue on. It was getting late and I knew that if I don’t start to paint I won’t have enough time to finish the project today. I wanted to go to bed and know that my tiny cabinet is covered in one colour. My children already painted half of their cabinets when I took a brush and frantically started to cover my cabinet in my favourite cobalt teal. I still didn’t know what I will do next, but I decided to not worry about it until morning.

But in the morning it all started again. Should I make a pattern? or maybe design a flower motif? or paint some abstract? or glue some pieces of exotic papers? I had so many different ideas that it was almost impossible to choose.

At last I decided to use an idea I had stored in my head for another project. About a year ago I bought a few things at a garage sale - the small drawers from Ikea - ($1 each - yay! garage sale!) among them. I wanted to paint them white and add the design I used today (only instead of white use cobalt teal). Who knows maybe I will be able to fit this project into one of my steps along the way.

The good thing is that once I figured out what I want to do I started to have fun. I really enjoyed my crafty-project today, and to be honest, I love the end effect. This tiny cabinet is too cute to stop staring at it ;)

Love :*



  1. COMPLETELY AWESOME! I'd love this as a full scale cupboard in my office! :-)))) How cute is that design you created?! Love, love, love it! I could sit and stare at this all day! :-) I wish you could paint and collage Kelly's Shasta caravan like this - hee! It would look awesome! xx

  2. that is the most adorable little cabinet I've ever seen! and the design is so you!

    fi, great idea!