Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Step Twenty: Creating with a short attention span - copper, pinholes, paper cutting, butterflies, a bit of everything really! :-)

Dearest Sylwi,

This week, I sort of went with the flow and this is what resulted! :-) I wish I could tell you the reasons, but I don't know what they are! It's just what I felt like creating today.

I always thought that canvases looked better in threes, but today, I liked just the two of them together, mirroring each other. I tried this pattern in a couple of other mediums - sewing onto paper and with material, but these were my favourites. I'm surprised to find that I haven't taken to sewing very much. I thought I would love it, but really, it seems to be paper that I enjoy most (at the moment!) :-)

The first sheet is copper with pin holes and the second, is pieces of cut out paper. I really liked the strong effect that 'drawing' with cut paper gives... I may try some more of this in future. It almost felt like I'd found a style I could work on and develop... I imagine quite strong illustrations, bold colours, but instead of using paint, cutting paper. Maybe, if I worked on it, this could become my 'style'?!! ha ha! :-) Who knows?!

Anyway, my mind wandered (10 minute attention span) :-) whilst I was piercing the copper. I'd tried (without success) to cut a butterfly from copper before, but it's too hard to cut tiny details into the metal. So, I tried it today with the pinhole technique. By piercing the copper with a pin, I was able to give the butterfly some interest.

In this pic, it's perched on a copper can which has been left outside. Originally, the can would have been the same colour as the butterfly currently is, so I'm curious to see what colours the butterfly will go, if I leave it here. Assuming the dogs don't thieve it and break it first! I found my birdie seed marker in pieces on the floor - luckily, the copper part survived, but the twig had been chewed up! :-) 

I like how it looks when you hold it up to the sky. Here it is, stuck to my office window... 

(Darn the sky, no good for photos today - yesterday it was azure blue and today it's tupperware grey! ha ha!) :-)


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  1. You two are so fricking talented I just shake my head in wonder sometimes. love you both!