Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Step Fifty: Zenpatterndoodles ;-)

Dearest Sylwi,

Yikes! Step Fifty?! :-)

{... and actually, I'm even closer to the finish than that! This is really Step Fifty One, as I'm still missing a post from a couple of weeks ago!}

Today, I needed to create something where I could just zone out. The last few weeks (and in fact, end of last year, too) were so busy and stressful, that I wanted to find something that I enjoyed doing, but that didn't need a lot of brain power!

I find that doodling patterns (particularly strong, geometric ones) provides peace and the ability to completely switch off, so that's where today started.

I found a pattern I liked in amongst these free ones (which I found online here) ...

... and set about drawing it freehand on brown paper with white paint. There's something about the brown and white combination that I really love.

Once I'd spent some time drawing the pattern ... I could feel all of the stress beginning to disappear as I doodled :-)  ... I decided I wanted to use the pattern to make something. So, I searched for tutorials for Japanese paper crafts.

I came across an amazing tutorial for Japanese Papercraft Boxes on The Evil Mad Scientist blog and knew I had to try it. The tutorial is so precise and clear and they have even included a free template for the box...

... and this is how it turned out!

... and because I can't leave well enough alone, I added a quick bow that I made from left over Christmas ribbon :-)

I know you're really busy this week, writing your last paper. I hope it's all going very smoothly and that you'll soon be finished. Can't wait to see your penultimate Step, when you get a moment to do it... and then there will be ONLY ONE LEFT!!!! :-)

(I'll try and catch up this week with the post I missed. Sorry it's taking so long!)

Lots and lots of love

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