Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Step Fifty: A little garland with my word for 2011

Happy Blissful New Year my Dear Fi!

Can you guess my word for 2011 from the picture above?

Hint: It has five letters... Ha, ha!

For the last week of 2010 the word "playful" was on my mind. Probably because the year 2010 was quite challenging for me; too much stress, too much complaining, tiredness, seriousness, and whining. So the word "playful" for 2011 seemed like a winner ;) But then I woke up on the first of January and the word was gone... together with the whole idea of choosing a word for a year.

I was quite surprised by this shift. Not only did I not feel that I wanted to stick with the word "playful", but I also didn't feel any need for choosing a word anymore. But then as my day went by a new word picked me...


There is a lot meaning behind this word {for me}. It is actually hard to grasp. I hope one day I will ;) I am not in the mood for sharing today and I do not want to write a deep reflection here. Simply put, it is a powerful and vibrant word for me, especially because lately I felt so drained that now I am drawn in the opposite direction. I want to be alive and feel alive!

What I like about this word the most is that aliveness requires having energy but it is not about doing, it is more about being, feeling, experiencing... Being alive means also being in the moment and appreciate and agree on whatever life brings. Being alive is a gift. At least this is what it means for me. 

I had many ideas for illustrating the word "playfulness" since I spent some time with this word already. However, the ideas did not transfer well to my new word. Yet, I wanted to do something to connect with this word, and to have some tangible representation, so I could just look at it and be reminded of the direction I am heading. 

I woke up this morning with the thought of doing a small garland with my word. I didn't have much time for today's project. I have scheduled too many appointments before my new practicum starts, so I was in and out for the entire day. When I finally finished the garland it was late for taking good pictures and I wished you could send your friend over to teach me some brilliant lessons on lighting ;)

Did you pick your word for 2011?

Love :*


  1. Sim. Ply. Stun. Ning! :-) I LOVe how you did this and how you photographed it too. And what a fantastic idea to create such a beautiful garland as a reminder throughout the year. I want to steal your idea! ha ha ha! ;-) Except, I haven't decided on a word yet, so wouldn't know what letters to use. You could sell these! :-)

    RE the word, I think I know what I want it to mean, but I can't think of one word to express it... hopefully it will come to me when I've had a little more sleep. Things here are very hectic and stressful. Sophie's very sick - I had no sleep last night as I nursed her through the night, so keep your fingers crossed that she gets better. She has an operation today and it's all about patience and waiting and trusting, right now.

    My parents arrive tomorrow and it's my Dad's 70th birthday, but with all of the hoo-ha with Soph, I haven't even thought about a present for him yet, or how to entertain them to make it a special stay. Eeeek! Help! ha! :-)

    Will be back properly next Tuesday - all of my guests will have left by then, Sophie should be on the mend (hopefully) and I'm looking forward to spending lots of time here on the blog catching up with all of your beautiful posts and also in our group pool - which I miss so much. I just don't have the energy for it all right now.

    Lots and lots of love to you. Oh and P.S. I ADORE how you hid the word in the first photograph, very clever !

    Fi xx

  2. great idea to make a garland for your word. my word is "blessing". having been blessed so much, i want to be more of a blessing to others this year! perhaps i will make a garland too!