Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Step Thirty Nine: Expressive drawing - Part Two {Little Helper Edition}

Dear Fi,

Expressive drawing again (because it is addictive!!!).
However... no words, just pictures.

Love :*


My dream was to make my first video for this step... maybe another time. I can at least share the music I wanted to use for the video - the one I’ve been listening to lately :)

My Little Helper :)

1 comment:

  1. Hey! That's not fair! You have a 'little helper'?! I want one! And she needs to be as cute as yours! ;-)

    I wish you'd put these pics on Flickr. I wanna put notes all over them. :-)

    What I love about expressive painting from the video, is that although sometimes I might not like the overall pic as a whole.. when you start zooming in on/cropping little sections, I see it in a completely different light and totally fall in love with it. Love the bits you photog'd here. Gorgeous. xx