Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Step Thirty Eight: Expressive drawing - Part One...

Dear Fi,

It’s me, Sylvia. Do you remember me? Ha, ha. 

I laughed when I read your last post. It took me three weeks to realize that my problem with late posting is not a problem with doing the step but with finding the time to write about it, and to upload pictures. Usually when I finish my project writing about it is the last thing I want to do. So, if I want to post and at the same time keep going with the crazy pace of my life I need to reduce words. 

I did the steps and I actually did them on time, but it was too much work to put them together. Tonight I hope to upload pictures from step 38 and 39, so I don’t feel bad about myself (and so you can see that I’m still alive). Step 37 will need to wait, because I didn’t have time to scan my project, and I cannot find it right now ha, ha.

How did this happen to me, that I cannot find myself anymore? I feel so misplaced at times. I did feel that very strongly for the last three weeks, but yesterday brought some interesting changes. I feel calmer now. So, there is a hope that I won’t go totally crazy before the end of this year.  

I learned about expressive drawing through the National Center for Creative Aging. I became a member and wanted to learn more about aging and creativity as a part of my professional development plan. They sent me a message about this cool class. I watched the video and got crazy. I though about you my Dear. I hope you will love it too :)     

Anyway, no more words.

with one exception: 
Love :*


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  1. Yipeeeeee! :-))) Can't tell you how happy I am that you're back! I LOVED the video that you linked to. I shall have to try this expressive painting. I think my favourite bit watching it was when they got to white out bits of the painting that they didn't like so much. I'd never thought of that technique... somehow it just seems perfect. Really love the mix of colours you chose. Do you start with darkest colours first and progressively paint with lighter ones? Mwwwwah! Big Kisses! xx