Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Step Thirty Three: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail! :-)

Dearest Sylwi

Eep! Can it really be a week, already? It feels like I was here posting just a couple of days ago. Time is flying past so quickly at the moment. I'm actually so glad I have 52 Steps. It's really forcing me (in a good way) to sit down and create something every week - even if it's only small, or I don't think it's very good, at least I have evidence here that I am making progress on all of these things that I've been carrying around in my head for so long! :-)

I can't wait for tomorrow to see if you make it back safely to 52 Steps land! :-) I've missed you these past two weeks, but I totally understand. I like your idea of me taking my 2 week holiday in September and not posting... so that, come October, we're back on the same step together again. Then we can change the blog name to 50 steps, a hop and a skip. ;-)

This week I took on a project that I have desperately needed to do for over a year now, but never seem to have the enthusiasm, or find the time for it. I really need a training log for my running. Up until now, I've been using a blank book to journal every run and workout that I do. It's a cute little book that goes back all of the way to 2003! Each page documents the highs and lows of all of my runs since then and I love to flick back through them when I'm low on motivation.

I'm coming to the end of the book now and my runs are starting to spill out onto scraps of paper... it's all starting to get a little disorganised!

The only problem I've had with it is that it's blank, so I find myself repeatedly writing out the same things. What I need is a log with headings, where I just fill in the details.

I've had a look online for training logs to buy, but all of the running ones aren't what I'm looking for at all ... and some of them are downright, shockingly useless! ;-)

I want something to store my training schedule, document my runs (distance, time, pace, route, etc), my injuries and my nutrition and provide weekly overviews which will be valuable for motivation. There are a few online logs which look worth a try, but I'm trying to reduce the amount of time I spend online, not increase it! If I used online software, I'd spend day and night on the computer. So, I decided to make my own log by hand drawing it! :-) I'll then print copies of the templates and make them into a book.

I completely misjudged how long it would take me. First, I had to work out what I wanted to record. Then, decide on page layout and order. It took me ages. Basically, I ran out of time today, which makes my post title today even more apt! ;-)

I had intended to create the full log up until the end of December this year. Instead, I've created one for the next twelve weeks. I want to try it out and see if the layout suits me. The aim is to have a tailor-made, fully functional log book layout, for the beginning of next year.

I didn't have time to bind it today either, as the paper I was using was too thin. When I printed out a week's worth of daily logs, the print came through the back of the paper, meaning I couldn't use both sides! Fail! I will have to buy some thicker paper this week and then print out the rest.

So, I'm leaving the printing, binding and cover till next week... or maybe later this week, if I have time! I can't wait to put it all together and actually start using it!

Can't wait to *see* you tomorrow and hear what you've been up to. Speak soon.

Lots of love

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  1. I do not run, but I am planning to create my own calendar for a few years now ha, ha. So I understand your frustration with "ready to use" products. I found that each year I buy a calendar and rarely use it. Instead I create week/month lists on separate pieces of paper, and then they get lost. For this year I bought a special binder to collect my pages, but it didn't work well either because I "fail to plan", meaning = I didn't take the time to sit and think what I really want from my calendar and how it suppose to work for me.

    It looks like you are on a good way to accomplish your goal! I think the most important thing is to create something, not necessary perfect, but something that you can start with, and by using it you will have more chances to adjust it according to your needs.

    Dear Fi, with this post you reminded me about my struggles with the calendars (I already started to search for a new one in the stores ha, ha, but I decided not to buy).

    So, now I have two more projects added to my list, both inspired by you: a calendar and a vision board!!!