Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Step Twenty Eight: An old dragonfly bearing the gift of appreciation comes to visit.

Dearest Sylwi,

What a morning?! My camera wouldn't hook up to my computer, so I thought I wasn't going to be able to upload any pictures... or post today. I didn't even know when I'd be able to get my computer fixed, so didn't know if I'd be able to post all week! Eep! I was panicking and frustrated ... and tired too! I've been up since half five - my mother in law is arriving today and there's lots to get done before she gets here! :-) 

I've spent the last 2 hours trying to get my computer to speak to my camera! I really was losing my patience! Anyway, finally, they are speaking to each other again... but I wasted those 2 hours I had set aside for finishing the piece, so I'm posting it as is. I guess I could get away with saying it's the finished piece, but I had wanted to add some cut out words - some lyrics about perfection, from a song that really speaks to me right now. 

It's kind of annoying. The one week I have a complete idea in my head before I start and I don't get to finish it! :-) 

Over the weekend, my husband found a huge dragonfly, dead on our lawn... poor little dragonfly. :-(

I've never seen one up close before. They're quite scarce here and move so quickly when they do appear, there isn't time to study them.

I was amazed... in so many ways. It was HUGE! It was very robust - quite scaly... actually quite scary looking with huge, furry legs and big, bulbous eyes. The wings are papery, but strong (almost like a plastic bag) and exquisitely detailed...

I couldn't stop staring at it. I guess it must have died of old age. Apparently, they don't live very long, so are often regarded as symbolism of living life to the full and enjoying your time whilst you can. 

It was a very poignant reminder to take a step back from life and the stressful things that are mounting up to annoy me and be grateful for all of the wonderful things I have.

I decided I wanted to use the wing pattern for a papercut this week...

It didn't really go quite to plan. I chose a soft, muted, blue tone for the paper, but I don't think that worked terribly well. Maybe, I should have stuck to white or black, I'm not sure.

Normally, I would draw the design on the back and cut that side, then turn the piece over... but in this case, as the dusty blue was too dull, I used the side I was cutting as the front! :-) It's not perfect, by a long stretch, but it was better than the pale blue.

It was so strange to be cutting the pattern of something that had been living, but that was now dead. It was also really strange to be cutting a pattern that didn't have a copyright! :-) I almost felt guilty pinching the beautiful design from this extraordinary creature. 

I felt even stranger when I had finished. Almost like, the pattern on paper didn't begin to come close to the true beauty of nature. It's just impossible to recreate. If I'm honest, it felt a bit of a let down.

I had wanted to add a quote to the bottom of this piece, or around the edges, but after wasting a couple of hours with computer problems this morning, it will have to wait. Which is a bit frustrating. 

Ironic then, that the whole theme of this week was about letting go of perfection and enjoying life to the full. Neither of which, I have succeeded at this morning! ha ha ha! :-)

... hmmm, maybe I shall leave this piece as is! I don't know, I've been looking at it for too long, I need a break! :-) 

Maybe I can use my 'perfection' quote on another piece next week, because I'm sure next week, it will turn out perfect! heeeeee! ;-))))

Lots of love

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  1. FI!!! Oh, I love your project. I think this is one of my favourite right now. And I actually like the colour too and think that as it is looks just perfect.

    I found a dragonfly many years ago in Poland. I was walking through the city and on the middle of the street there she was... I took her with me and guess what I did...

    ha, ha

    Dragonfly is a very powerful symbol, think about illusion, magic, dreams, and CHANGE :*

    I have no idea what I will do for today, first I need to finish writing my paper which is not going well so far. I wish I was smarter and took a break instead this heavy class...

    I might have time only to paint a dot ha, ha (http://www.amazon.ca/Dot-Peter-H-Reynolds/dp/0763619612/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1279641913&sr=8-1) even though I had a plan for today to paint something for my mom's birthday...

    so, now back to my work :*