Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Step Sixteen: Quilling

Dearest Sylwi,

This week, I wanted to use the marbled paper I made last week to make some gift wrapping boxes and tags... and maybe some little journals. I sat down to create at least one of those things this morning, but at the last minute, I completely changed my mind! :-) I suddenly remembered a complete obsession I had last year with quilling. 

It all started when I came across this amazing artist, Yulia Brodskaya. Her work is really extraordinary. I'm always in awe of the new pieces she constantly creates. 

Completely inspired by her, last year, I began exploring techniques for quilling and came across this lovely tutorial by Reese Dixon, for ornamental gift tags. I decided to try and make one of these today with marbled paper. I thought it would work really well with the marbling. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite how I imagined :-) but here's what I got up to today! 

First of all, I cut 1/4 inch strips of the paper in the following lengths:

- 5 x 6 inches
- 4 x 2 inches
- 12 x 3 inches

Then I quilled them into the round, teardrop, marquis, scroll and arm piece shapes, as instructed by Reese's tutorial {see detailed directions here}.

{I didn't have a proper quilling tool, so just wrapped the card around a toothpick to make tight coils. It's probably easier with the proper tool, but I don't think these turned out too badly}.

I glued them all together...

Added the final points and a silver thread to hang it with... and it was finished!

In hindsight, I should have used paper that had the marbling effect on both sides. It was only once I was quite far into the project that I realised that though {sigh!}, so I just continued with it! :-) I'll know for next time! :-)))

Reese calls these snowflakes and covered them with glitter at Christmas time, but I think they make pretty, ornamental gift tags for any time of the year.

It's hard to believe that next week, we'll be approximately a third of the way through! I can't keep up with how fast time is going! :-)

Lots of love

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  1. How pretty! The marbling is a great addition to your lovely scrolls.