Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Step Fifty One: The last ten minute painting ;)

Dear Fi,

I had great plans to do something "special" for the last two posts. However, it took me so long to finally finish writing my paper, that before I knew it the weekend was gone. The week started and now every morning I head to work at the women's shelter, and I come back in the evening to eat dinner, put the kids to bed and fall asleep with them ;)

BTW, I love my new practicum, I've only been there since last week but every day I learn so many things, I cannot believe how much there is to learn!!! That's so exciting! The less exciting part is the fact that when I come back from work I do not have much energy left.

So, today I've decided to make the ten minute painting because it was the only way to be here and post, and because it will be the last one ;) I hope I will have some time during the weekend to prepare my last post. I have no clue what it might be. I'm curious how our journey will "end". However, I do not believe in endings - I believe in change and transformation instead ;)

So, My Dear Fi, see you next week for the Grand Finale :) ha, ha

Love :*

I love your crochet flowers, I have no idea how you were able to make them??!! Do you remember my attempt at crochet? Your flowers are the masterpieces in comparison to Danbo's eco-bag!
BTW, great title for the post ha, ha. I love it!

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  1. Despite having watched you create a few of these during the past year, I still have no idea how you manage the ten minute paintings! :-) I wish I did! It must take a lot of talent, trust and confidence to create one.

    Soooo pleased you're loving working at the women's shelter. I'd love to hear more.

    See you back here next week. Eek! It's very exciting to finish (err, I mean 'change and transform')! ;-) Actually, on a more serious note, I think there is a lot of truth in what you said about no endings. I often attach a lot of significance to endings and then have to talk myself out of feeling that way. It would be easier to think as you do and believe that nothing ends,.. Have a great week! xx