Monday, November 29, 2010

Step Forty Three: Work in progress

Dear Fi,

I was quite surprised to unravel the story behind this piece. I wonder how it works that some of the creative expressions bring these kinds of metaphorical interpretations? Maybe I’m just approaching a mid-life crisis ha, ha ;)
When I teared out page number 25 from this little book to use it for my post a thought about tabula rasa appeared to me. When I was younger the idea of being born as a “blank slate” was very appealing to me. With years I realised that I do not agree with it anymore. Despite of whether one believes in previous lives or not we spend around nine months in our mother’s uterus - so when we push our way through to enter the world we already have some words written on our page. Even if we do not understand the language, even if we cannot comprehend and make meaning we experienced “something” already. Ok, Dear Fi don’t be nervous I’m not going further with my philosophy ;)
The point of this intro was to describe the picture of the book above. We arrive to this world as a piece of a bigger whole with an inscription in our souls. 

Then... life happens and naturally we paint the page while “experiencing our life”. It would be impossible to find exactly the same painting, each one is unique. Sometimes we might not like our creation, we might not understand the patterns, choice of colours and the meaning of our paintings. We might keep going even if we have no clue where are we heading...  
After a while (or for some very early on) our page tears here and there and it might even become broken in some places.

So we try our best to mend the page, to find meaning in what we are experiencing. We try to put our page together, by repairing it, understanding it or predicting what might work for us at the moment... 
We try our best to mend our souls.

Love :* 
Sometimes we might make peace with our life, or even feel in love with our creation. Ha, ha ;)

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  1. :-* Very touching. And profound. And true. And beautiful! xx