Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Step Forty One: Halloween edition ;)

Dear Fi,

I almost gave up on today’s post. After coming back from work I did everything to avoid thinking about any ideas I could use today. Mostly because I spent my weekend and Monday writing my paper, then I went to work and it felt like I hadn’t had a break from “doing stuff”. Honestly, I thought that I should take it easy and postpone my post. Then I remembered that I will be writing another paper next weekend and if I don’t post today I’m sure I won’t be able to post next week. This approach didn’t help me much - it actually made me feel even more flat ;)
So, I started to consider some ideas. I thought about something Halloweenish ha, ha, like for example transforming my kids into cute bats ;) This led me to Shona Cole’s book “The Artistic Mother” and the lovely idea of changing her children into fairies ;) So I picked up the book (which, BTW features two of my favourite mixed media artists Misty Mawn and Corey Moortgat) and I tried to decide if the project is doable with the limited time I have.  
I tried to be strong rather than realistic and decided to start the project. So right away I wasted about two hours trying to find pictures of my children’s faces!!! I couldn’t believe that I do not have any nice portraits I could use for this post. Their faces were either to far, or too blurry, or in motion, or not the right angle, or covered with something (ice cream, lollypop, hand...). At some point I just took whatever I had available, cropped and printed it out. 
However, since it was super late I didn’t put any thought and attention into choosing the papers and colours, I didn’t even bother to use some stable paper, just regular printing paper. So it took me two hours to find the pictures and about 30 minutes to make these fairies ha, ha. This is what I call the “desperado technique” he, he. 

So, now I’m heading to bed and I promise I will comment on your two last lovely posts as soon as I can!!!
Love :*


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  1. Ha ha! You made me laugh about trying to find suitable photos of your kids! :-) Their little faces are so sweet and these little fairies will look so great hovering on your wall. So creative and inspiring.

    Those Halloween costumes are ADORABLE!!! Oh my goodness me. I want you to make me the ladybird one! Seriously! I wanna wear that! :-))) And what is that on your doorstep? Is that buckets of candy?? I'll be right over! ;-)

    The Artistic Mother book looks awesome! I can't wait to check out those other artists too.

    Lots of love to you.
    Keep going, you're doing an amazing job with work, your papers, the seminars, kids, schedules, art, photos... crikey, I'm tired just typing all of that! ;-) You are Wonder Woman in disguise, right?! :-)