Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Step Thirty Four: Zentangle

Dear Fi,

As you are relaxing in France I’m sitting at my overcrowded chiropractor’s office waiting for my turn and writing this letter/post to you. No I didn’t forget to post yesterday. I was actually very proud of myself because despite of my first day at work, and despite of having sick children I was able to create something for my thirty fourth step. 

However, after finishing my tangled sign, and before writing my post I went to bed with my sick children and fell asleep with them. I woke up this morning and there was no time to post before leaving for work, so here I am... late.

Did you hear about zentangle yet? 

I found this book a few months ago, and was curious what was inside. However, for some unknown reason it was really hard to order the book (which made me want it even more!) Finally last week the book arrived. Zentangle reminds me of doodles, only I think that the purpose of tangle is to repeat them as a pattern or to create tangled clusters. 

{Do you think my Dear Fi that I really know what I’m talking about?}

Anyway, it turned out that playing with Zentangle was fun and relaxing. Since my goal was to try it out for the first time, and I didn’t have much time I decided to fill the letters with tanglo-doodles (ha, ha - yes, I’m creating new words). I actually had an idea of designing a bigger project but it was impossible to fit it into yesterday ;) So, instead I decided to mark that first day of unpaid work (meaning: practicum) hence my Zentangled DAY 1...

Zentangle is simple, creative, fun and relaxing... So my Dear Fi, you might even try it right now on your French paper napkin while you are sitting in some nice cafe waiting for your tasty crunchy yummy chocolate croissant to arrive... {me? jealous???}



I hope you are having fun in France so far :*

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  1. ohh. Zentangle. Love that word. I think I'll have to get that book. It reminds me of when Del was younger and we would trace cricles around a bowl and draw mandelas inside. It was always such a fun yet peaceful process.

    Hope the kiddies are getting better.

    ps. I miss Fi