Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Step Seventeen: Something is emerging...

Dear Fi,

I know for sure that something is emerging, I just have no clue what it is ha, ha. I thought I might write about it here and maybe find out. However I ran into trouble. I started another semester on May 1st and since it is a blended learning (on-line and in class) I found out that I have lots of work and small assignments to do each week. Today was the deadline for the first one, so I barely finished on time reading, posting, and replying to the other people’s posts. I wrote some points for my class while waiting for Amelie at her dance class place, so I couldn’t even use this time to write my post for this blog! I was able to do my journal page (which took me painfully long!) but I don’t think I can manage more writing today.

Something is emerging Dear Fi - and it is frightening me but not as much as it is exciting me. I feel like I'm pregnant with a third child (which I’m not!!!). I feel like “it” is growing and becoming stronger...  I’m very curious, I want to see “this baby”...  but I also know that I cannot avoid the delivery room ha, ha.

I'm practicing patience. When the time comes it will emerge...


Do you believe that there is a “right moment” for things to happen, Fi? I recently read a book. There is not that many books I think everybody should read (at least once ha, ha). However, this one I would recommend to everybody. Steven Pressfiled “The War of Art” is a killer and I think it was for me the best right time to read this book. I found this beautiful quote there, so I will leave you with it today...

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now. 

W.H. Murray {The Scottish Himalayan Expedition}

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