Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Step Thirteen - Unlucky for some! ;-)

Hi my darling Sylwi,

It's probably best if you don't read my post for this week! It's a complete disaster area! Ha! :-) I have nothing! 

I've spent the whole day being sorta creative, so I don't feel toooooo bad, but I do feel bad that it's not 'creative' in the way we envisioned! Sorry, honey! I know you understand, because I know you're in a similar spot right now. I also know that I've got less excuses than you do! ha ha! :-) I'm not going to list all of the reasons and excuses, time just ran out this week! Hopefully you'll forgive me?! 

So, here's my Step Thirteen! :-) I spent the day (amongst a pile of other stuff) framing artwork that's been sitting around unframed for yonks... and making a shelf out of an old coat rack! Exciting stuff, heh?! ;-)

Here is the magical (kidding!) coat rack to shelf transformation. Ha! :-) I just can't bear to throw stuff out that can be reused!

Coat rack...

Removing the hooks, filling with wood filler and sanding.

Painting with primer, then top coat. Ta dahh! ha ha ha ha! 

I can't stop laughing. I wanted to do a final shot of the shelf fixed on the wall with my newly framed pics sitting on it, but the shelf's still not dry and I think I have more paint on me, than on the shelf! ha ha! :-)

...{squeak} I can't stop laughing! 

... the later it gets, the funnier this all seems. :-)

So! There you have it! This is what I'm passing off as my creative challenge for the day! :-))) A wet shelf and a bunch of other artists' artwork framed in other peoples' frames! 

I seriously can't stop laughing and can't believe that I'm actually posting this as my Step Thirteen! Ahhh! 

Next week, I'll try to do better (although, things are going to be hectic here for another week). But the week after that... OH, the week after that, just you wait! My Step Fifteen is going to be stupendous! ha ha! Ahem! Oh dear. I promise I'll at least try to up my standards! 

Love you lots, sweetpea. Hope all's well there. Speak soon!

Lots of love

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