Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Step Fourteen: Ten minute painting for my seventh anniversary...

Dear Fi,

I couldn’t resist using so many numbers in one title. If I had more time I would go on talking about all these books with numbers in titles: Seven Minutes To Happiness. Ten Most Important Things You Need To Know About Life. Fourteen Seconds To Prove Yourself. Blablabla. I hope these titles don’t exist and nobody will sue me, but I don’t have the time to google them right now ha, ha ;)

Anyway, this week is not only busy but it’s actually my agony. At this very moment I’m in the middle of writing the last 12 page paper (ha, ha, number again!). It is a combination of a hard work, pleasure, lack of time, stress, and exhaustion after a long semester. So, as much I want it to be the best paper ever, it just cannot happen this time. And it is unfortunate because it really matters to me, but I’m just not at my best. I just want to finish my marathon, and I have no power to think about which number I will arrive to the finish line. The only thing I’m worrying about is arriving at the finish line soon... 

So... this is why for my project I chose my ten minute painting. It actually took 20 minutes from start to finish only because I needed to bring my paints and supplies with me downstairs, and only because I needed to wait for the “gel-glue” to dry before I could paint over.

I told you once about the advice my coach gave me when I complained about a lack of time for painting. She said “paint for ten minutes, and see what happens”. So I took this advice straight to my heart and this is what I do sometimes. A quick expressive exercise. With intention of no judgment. With openness and welcome to what might happen. And with hope for some fun.  

About the seventh anniversary... It is my PRIVATE anniversary. It started on April the 12th, 2003. So it has been seven years yesterday since my immigration to Canada. It feels like my lucky number now ha, ha. It feels like finally I can say I know who I am again. Like I integrated “me before” with “me now”.

It even feels like being at home lately...



I need to run, Dear Fi, but I hope that next week we will take time to slow down a bit. And who knows maybe to celebrate all this craziness we went through lately.

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  1. 10 minutes???! How do you do it???! :-) It's a brilliant idea. I'd love to give this a try, but I'm just not sure I'd be able to stop at 10 mins... although, I love the idea of that. There would be little time for stress and it really would be about the pleasure of creating, rather than worrying about the end result.

    Happy Anniversary! :-) I'm so glad you feel like Canada is becoming a home. That must be an amazing feeling, after so long.

    Good luck with finishing the paper. I can only imagine how exhausting it all must feel. It seems like ages that you've had all of this work to do. I can't wait for next week for you, so you can finally take some time for yourself. Roll on Summer! :-) Btw, have you had the interview yet? (I can't remember when it was scheduled for).

    Fingers crossed it's all going well and that your Mum's hand is healing up well. Looking forward to a Summer of play. :-)

    Lots of love