Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Step One: Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. {Goethe}

Good morning, sweet Sylwi! :-) Surprise! I actually did something on the blog! This first post was harder than I thought! I have so many ideas in my head of things I'd like to create, that choosing one and actually just sitting down and doing it proved to be quite a challenge!

There's something very exciting and yet, strangely intimidating about a blank piece of paper... and a blank blog too! :-) It feels like there's so much potential and so much possibility! This blank page could be turned into anything, it could be the best thing I've ever created! All that's needed is a great idea... and then, of course, great execution of the idea...

My mind then wandered on to imagining myself sitting down to create something with my paper and I began to realise, it could also turn out to be a disaster, a complete failure... a waste of time! I wondered if maybe it's better to wait, to sit and think of a better idea - get a really clear plan in my head first and then begin?

Subsequently, the ideas got bigger (overwhelmingly so) and the list of tools for the job got longer and before I knew it, a whole week had passed and I'd done nothing but bore myself silly with all of my thinking!

It was at that point that I came across this quote, "you have everything you need to begin!" It was so simple and yet so perfectly true. So, I took my blank piece of A4 paper and a black ink pen and began to draw some patterns of flowers.

The inspiration for these initially came from Indonesian batik patterns. I developed a complete obsession with tjaps whilst searching the internet. I'd love to buy some just as decorations for the house! Anyway, in researching them, I accidentally came across Persian carpet patterns and then... I uncovered a whole host of beautiful, inspirational books that I never even knew existed! You'll see what I mean if you search for 'motifs and designs for artists' at your favourite bookstore. So, I used a combination of various sources and styles as a first stab at drawing pattern. I thought if these patterns were developed, they could make such beautiful wallpaper or textile designs, all coloured up... but that's a whole other project for another week, year, or maybe never, but you know what I mean! ha! :-)

Once I had finished inking the paper, I folded this origami paper crane. The art of origami (an ancient Japanese art of folding paper) simply fascinates me. I'm looking forward to exploring it more this year.

Cranes are a symbol of loyalty, honour and peace and I really enjoyed creating this one. So much so, that I even wondered if I should do 52 weeks of differently designed cranes, but I'm still undecided about that comittment! ;-) 

Anyway, you can find instructions here if you'd like to learn how to fold your own. 

As a side note, my dog ate my crane during the night! ha! :-) What a monster?! I found my poor little crane first thing this morning, all gnarled and soggy in the bottom of Sophie's basket. It was a gruesome discovery! She had bitten its head clean off! ha! :-)

I can't be cross with her as she gave me the guiltiest looks and made beautifully wide 'forgive me!' eyes when I started squealing at what she'd done. I'm such a sucker, she totally worked me!

I guess the one thing I did learn from this whole experience, along with  never adopting a dog from the shelter again... er, not leaving precious belongings on the table at night, ;-) was that this blog, which I began as a weekly commitment to being creative, might just be about to teach me so much more about myself.

As I gathered up all the pieces of my bird, I did, initially, feel a slight sense of emptiness. All of my hard work and effort had been destroyed. But then I thought, no! Creating the crane was the most liberating and fun thing I've done for ages. It was the angst of creating something 'perfect' and my own procrastination that had made it 'hard work'!

I guess this week has been about 'letting go' for me! Letting go of expectations, perfection, control and worries of what other people might think. Just creating for the sake of having some fun, with no pressure on what the end result must be. Enjoying playing just for the sake of it again. Somewhere along the way, I think I forgot how to do that!

Another lesson I've learnt this week is that all of my dreams, all of my imaginings - none of them felt as wonderful as it felt to just begin!

(I got the drop cap from the wonderful Jessica Hische's site - so much fun!)

Lots of love



  1. well aren't you two sneaky! this is fabulous and i'm glad you aren't hiding this blog from the world.

    i must say i'm delighted this morning to be sitting here reading this blog while enjoying my cup o' joe.

    fi... you're a fantastic story teller. your comical stories are the best. i'm laughing in shame over sophie eating your beautiful crane.

    but the best part about it is what you've discovered about yourself. the better part... your authentic voice shines with delight in your creativity, your crafting and your voice.

    both you and syliva have beautiful and authentic voices. i'm happy i'll get to come here, sip coffee and be delighted by your talents.

    thank you for sharing! bravo!

  2. oooo... ps. love the drop cap. thank you for the introduction. love, love, love it.

  3. OHHHH!!! You guys! This is so inspirational! Love the blog - the design - the header - the two clocks and the things you wish for!

    Such a great place to allow your dreams to unfold.

    All the best!! And thanks for sharing!

    xo K.